Life is a Edible Journey


Just finished reading the October issue of Cooking Light (, @cooking_light) and had to share this quote from Editor Scott Mowbray: "Life's a journey, if we're lucky, of about 82,000 meals. They should be good ones, and they should be remembered."

Well said.

Cooking Light, from time to time, does offer gluten-free cooking and baking tidbits. When I come across them, I promise to share them.

Moving and Shaking...

Hi Blog Followers, Today was my first post in about two months. Wanted to let you know that I hadn't forgotten about you but my family and I moved out of state in June and it's been a busy time trying to get settled and juggle work and home responsibilities. I' m back to blogging and am hoping to post often as I explore what seems to be a celiac-friendly area.  Thanks for following!

Christine Celiac Savvy


Educating the Educators

On Friday, March 9, I had the pleasure of making a presentation to nurses in the East Penn (Pa.) school district. My presentation titled, "When a Child has Celiac Disease: A Guide for Educators and Healthcare Professionals" allowed for an interactive discussion about what it means to be a parent of a child with celiac disease and how to navigate the sometimes rough waters of living with--and educating others about--this condition. We talked about the condition itself, what it was like for my family from diagnosis to present day (my 20-year-old daughter has had celiac disease since she was 15 months old), how we handled the diet in school and social situations when my daughter was younger (including how to handle it when your child goes away to college) and what educators can do to help students on a gluten-free diet, among other topics. Thanks to Ann Johnson and all of the nurses I met on Friday. You made me feel welcome, and your questions and feedback were insightful.

For information on how to bring this presentation to your school, contact Christine Krahling at

Celiac Disease Discussed in Women's Health Magazine


The January/February 2012 issue of Women's Health has an article titled, "When Your Body Attacks Itself" by Tracy Erb Middleton. In it, Ms. Middleton presents case studies of different people with various symptoms and diagnoses. "Case Study 3" introduces a 22-year-old presenting with symptoms of celiac disease. The information discussed will probably ring true for many people who were at first diagnosed with another condition before receiving a diagnosis of celiac disease. Alessio Fasano, MD is quoted within the case study. As I'm sure readers of this blog know, it is frustrating to read inaccurate accounts of what celiac disease is/is not, e.g. an allergy or a condition one can outgrow. Kudos to Women's Health for recognizing that it has an intelligent readership and for sharing accurate information with us.