The Bold Type

Anyone who knows me knows my obsession with magazines. On any given day, there’s at least two in my mailbox, and there’s always a stack of them in more than one room in my house. If I’m not reading them, I’m researching something great that I just found in them (usually, beauty products). On my best days, I’m writing for them, or at least crafting ideas to pitch them. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard about Freeform’s new show, The Bold Type, which centers around three young women who work for a magazine named Scarlet. If Scarlet’s cover looks familiar, you’d be right: The Bold Type was inspired by the life of Cosmopolitan’s former editor-in-chief, Joanna Coles.

I’ll admit I had my doubts when I first saw previews for the show. Magazine obsession aside, as a “woman of a certain age,” shall we say, I figured I’d be bored silly listening to sob stories about guys who leave you in a train station and the woes of trying to work one’s way up from assistant-to-the-boss-from-hell to someone to be reckoned with in the world of fashion (Hello Devil Wears Prada re-do!) And then there would be the New York City lifestyle envy. Did I really want to torture myself this way week after week?

Turns out I do.  

During the premiere, we find Kat, Jane and Sutton standing on a subway platform, screaming at a passing train. Because, well, work stress. That was enough to reel me in. But there’s more.

While the wardrobe is fabulous (think Hanna from “Pretty Little Liars) it’s really the characters’ spunk, determination and support of each other that take center stage. They report to editor Jacqueline Carlyle, played by the spectacular Melora Hardin. (Some of you may remember Hardin as Trudy Monk on the long-running USA Network series, “Monk.”) Seeing Hardin play this role is icing on the cake for me.

Sutton desperately wants to move from an admin position to one in the fashion department, and she’s got the guts to do so. Who amongst us hasn’t taken a job we didn’t really want--just to get our foot in the door--only to count the days until we can finally take a shot at our dream job?

When a Muslim photographer that Kat pursues for a story ends up detained at the airport because she’s trying to smuggle contraband (read: vibrators) into her native country (with Kat’s encouragement) you can’t help but laugh and feel for both of them at the same time.

And there’s the episode with Jane and the BRCA gene test. No spoilers. You’ll need to watch this one for yourself.

Give The Bold Type a shot. And let me know if it doesn’t become your “latest obsession” too. 

All opinions expressed herein are my own. Freeform (unfortunately) didn’t send me any free swag to write this. I’ve been binge-watching on my couch, mostly on Sunday afternoons, sometimes with cake.